Besides our nonprofit management and skill trainings we also provide space for forum events. Organized by the Mozaik Hub or by our partners, forums are professional events covering a specific topic, theme or area. Participation in these events is usually invitation based. Forum topics cover a wider spectrum, in which besides current issues in or about the Jewish community you can find topics, themes and ares like:

  • Nonprofit sector
  • Nonprofit management 
  • Community and society
  • Education
  • Art and culture
  • Media

Besides the forums organized by the Mozaik Hub, we would like to share our infrastructure and capacity providing space for other professional events. If you wish to organize thematic events, forums, meetings etc. in the areas mentioned above, please contact us.


Forum events

Vision of Jewish youth about the community

The forum, Vision of Jewish youth took place in the Mozaik Jewish Community Hub in December 2015  The event was organized in partnership with the Tom Lantos Institute and the Mazsihisz (Federation) Youth Council. 15 young professionals and activists from 12 organizations and programs participated in the forum. Read more

LGBTQI inclusion

On 17th March 2016 the first community forum on LGBTQI inclusion was organized in the Mozaik Jewish Community Hub. Initiated by the Balint JCC and the Mozaik Hub, the forum’s main goal was to start a dialog with organizational and community leaders about LGBTQ inclusion in the Jewish community of Hungary. Read more

The forum continued in May with a whole day seminar in which 15 NGO and institution professionals, community leaders and experts participated. The second forum event focused on providing a better understanding of the current situation and introducing best practices and international examples. Read more

Community journalism

Social responsibility in the Jewish community

The first forum event on social responsibility in the Jewish community took place on June 30, 2016 in the Mozaik Hub. The forum was attended by thirteen people in total; in addition to community leaders, experts, and activists, the representatives of Mazsihisz (The Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities), EMIH, Haver Foundation, Marom Association, Bálint Jewish Community Center, and OR-ZSE (Budapest University of Jewish Studies) were also present. The forum’s primary goal is to provide a  platform for dialog for the representatives of those institutions, organizations, and initiatives in the Jewish community that are active in social care. The long term goals of these forums are to support collective thinking, to help cooperation, and to increase the impact of the work in the social field. Read more