The Mozaik Hub offers various ways for working with organizations, projects or activists from the Jewish community.

Resident members are at the core of the Mozaik Hub. These are the NGOs based in the Hub, using the co-working space and infrastructure regularly. In addition they benefit from the customized professional support and the training events offered by the Hub.

Affiliated members are not based physically at the Hub, but as members, they are offered customized professional support and the opportunity to participate in all training events at the Hub.

Hub Up projects are new initiatives emerging from individuals or informal groups from the community. Whether they are on an idea level or already in the pilot stage, we provide professional support and micro-grants in order to incubate these new projects.

The Mozaik Hub professional team will select participants whether resident members, affiliated members or new projects according to the following criteria and potential:

Innovation – new solutions to community/ social problems with a real change potential
Creativity – outstanding combination of vision and problem solving approach
Quality – transforming a new idea into reality in an effective and sustainable way
Impact – ideas with a broad potential for systemic change
Transparency – nitiatives from trusted people, accountable and transparent organizations