Our Values


The Jewish community in Hungary is the biggest and probably the most diverse community in Central Europe with various different Jewish identities. At the Mozaik Hub we find it especially important to acknowledge and experience this diversity on both the individual and the community level.

Knowledge and innovation

In our continuously changing environments constant learning, the broadening of our knowledge and the development of our skills are essential values, which enable us to respond to new challenges in a more effective way. At the Mozaik Hub we offer various individual and group learning opportunities. Furthermore we make all our materials, training aids and resources available on our online channels.

Sustainability and resilience

As with any maturing community, work is still required to achieve the next steps towards self-sustainability and resilience. This is especially relevant in today’s challenging context. We inspire all our partners, whether Hub members, activists, institutions or other organizations to think and plan long-term and to seek sustainable solutions.

Community and social change

We look at our work with Mozaik Hub members and our partners as a contribution to the long term process of community and social change. Through our mission to strengthen Jewish community NGOs, the Hub would like to take an active part in this process as a catalyst. Furthermore we look at all contributors in the process of community and social change as potential partners of the Mozaik Hub.