Financial Support for Organizations

(Please note that only Jewish community NGOs from Hungary are eligible for this grant.)

The Mozaik Jewish Community Hub offers grant opportunities for Jewish community NGOs and individual projects from Hungary.

The primary goals of the grant are:

  • to encourage and support NGOs working to advance Jewish life, community and values,
  • to contribute to the capacity building of Jewish community NGOs.

Grant applications for projects can be submitted all year long in the following areas:

  • Education
  • Culture
  • Heritage
  • Tradition
  • Health and social care
  • Capacity building
  • Community Development

Applying for a grant

  • One organization can apply with one project for one grant per year.
  • The maximum grant request is 3.000.000 forints (approx. 10.500 dollars).
  • Organizations that are engaged in a previous grant procedure (and the grant procedure hasn’t been closed) with the JDC/MAZS Foundation are not eligible for applying.
  • In case the grant request exceeds 40% of the project’s total budget, the conditions of the agreement and contract with the JDC/MAZS Foundation may alter.
  • In case an organization applies with more than one project per year, and/or its grant request exceeds the above-mentioned amount, the grant application process and the agreement and contract with the JDC/MAZS Foundation alters. In such case, the applying organization shall provide further materials and opportunities for consultation with the operator of the grant.

The submitted grant proposals should meet the following criteria:

  • Relevance and real need: the project and the planned activities should be based on real needs.
  • Community value: the project should carry an added value to the Jewish community of Hungary.
  • Impact: the project should intend to achieve real, measurable long-term impact.
  • Knowledge and capacity: the organization should provide sufficient professional capacity.
  • Effectiveness: the objectives of the project should be achievable based on the time frame and schedule formulated in the grant application.
  • Efficiency and cost-benefit ration: the project budget should reflect the planned activities.
  • Sustainability: the organization should aim for long term use of achievements of the project and for creating the conditions of the project’s continuity.

The grant applications are evaluated by a committee of 3. Members of the committee are: Diego Ornique, Russel Wolkind and Mircea Cernov. In the evaluation process, besides the above mentioned criteria, the following aspects will be considered:

  • organizational structure, capability and human resources in implementing the project
  • number of volunteers and pro bono professionals engaged in the project
  • innovative and creative methods used in the implementation
  • communication of the project
  • experience from similar previous activities/projects
  • partner organizations in the project

The following documents should be provided when submitting the application:

  • Application form,
  • Project budget,
  • The published activity report of the organization for year 2014 (if not available online),
  • Current listing of the organization in the official public register.

The following documents are required for the final report and the closing of the grant procedure:

  • Narrative questionnaire about the project,
  • Financial report,
  • Photos and/or videos of the activities carried out during the project.

Deadline of publishing the results of the grant applications

Organizations are notified about the results of their applications within 30 days via email and/or phone. In case of approved application, the dis­bursement is delivered to the organization’s bank account within 15 days after singing the contract and agreement with JDC/MAZS Foundation.


For further information please contact Bence Tordai, Mozaik Jewish Community Hub director at or +3620 400 6747.

Download Grant application  form