Nonprofit Management Shots

Besides the learning events we organize in the Mozaik Hub, we find it important to collect our knowledge in the field of nonprofit management and share it in a way that is informative and easily accessible. The nonprofit management shots, as the name suggests, are short, introductory materials, which can help to bring closer the different areas of nonprofit maganagement, and can provide specific help and guidence for NGOs and activists throughout their work. You can find shots in the ares like strategic planning, civil society and NGos, resource development, communication etc.

By clicking on the categories you can browse from the nonprofit management shots by topics.

Strategic Thinking and Planning – outline

The strategic planning and operation aim is to enable the organization to use the available resources in an effective way, provide high quality services and programs (activities), and achieve the formulated goals in the most efficient way. The strategic planning contributes on long term to the daily work with a focus on goals achievement, rather than a spontaneous opportunity based operation.

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