Communication and problem solving for NGOs 1.

Communication and problem solving for NGOs 1.

Do you find it important to communicate your feelings and needs in a clearer way, so you can avoid conflicts in your organization? Do you wish if you and your colleagues wouldn’t get stuck misinterpreting words and sentences? Are you ready to listen more and deeper to what people say to you? Do you feel that you would be open for criticism, if you would get proper feedback about your work without any judgement? Can you imagine that all people concerned in a problematic situation can come out as winners?

Is it important for you that your organization will consider these issues when communicating publicly?

Than come and attend our ‘Communication and Problem Solving for NGOs’ training at the Mozaik Hub. We are looking for professionals, lay leaders and volunteers of NGOs to participate in this training.

The goal of this training is to improve the effectiveness and quality of the communication of organizations, both external and public. It also aims to shape the communcational attitudes of organizations by creating and improving skills in relation to acceptance- and responsibility-based communication.

Trainer: Zsófi Somogyi, Gordon communication trainer

2X6 hours, 10.00-16.00
1. training day: October 20, Friday
2. training day: November 10, Friday


Date: October 20, 2017 10-16.00
Venue: Mozaik Hub, 1053 Ferenciek tere 7-8.