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Vision of Jewish youth about the community - forum event

The forum, Vision of Jewish youth about the community took place in the Mozaik Jewish Community in December 2015. The event was organized in partnership with the Tom Lantos Institute and the Mazsihisz (The Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities) Youth Council. 15 young professionals and activists from 12 organizations and programs participated in the forum.  

The goal of the two-day event was to create a community platform which connects young Jewish leaders and activists, enabling them to meet and take part in a regular dialog about current issues and the future of the Jewish community in Hungary. The organizers of the forum emphasized that their goal is to provide an open environment for dialog and debate, and to encourage the participants to find common language and reference points.


The participants were dealing with questions and topics which were helping them in mapping the community and creating a more comprehensive perception of the Jewish community in Hungary today. Besides taking part in round table discussions, the participants had the chance to receive input from guest professionals in the topic of communication, strategic thinking and transparency.

On the first day of the forum the participants were analyzing the situation of the community and the community infrastructure today. They conducted a comprehensive assessment bringing the following aspects:

Formal and informal leaders in the community
Institutions and organizations
Challenges and necessary changes
Strength and weaknesses of the organizational infrastructure and communal system
Opportunities and threats of the organizational infrastructure and communal system


On the second day of the forum the participants were exploring the process of strategy building and were discussing the possible strategic areas and goals of the Jewish community.  András Heisler president of MAZSIHISZ also joined the forum for a session – participants had the chance to ask questions and raise important issues in the discussion with the president. Some of the questions were in regard to the situation of the establishment today, asking about the leadership, advocacy or the infrastructure. Some other questions touched a strategic dimension concerning the vision and long term goals of the federation.     

In the last part of the program the participants worked in small groups to formulate possible strategic goals for the community. Afterwards these were summarized and as a result, 4 strategic areas were outlined:

Resource development
Building of a community platform for NGOs

There was a common agreement and consensus among the participants regarding the strategic areas.

The feedback received from the participants was absolutely positive, moreover all participants were wishing to continue and attend future forum events. 


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