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Jewish community for beginners and experts - video series

A new, 18-part online video series called Jewish community for Beginners and Experts has been published. The series, which features the lectures of Dr. Gabor Balazs philosopher, was created by Mozaik Hub, Balint JCC, Lauder Javne School, and Haver Foundation.

The 18 lectures focus on the current challenges of the Jewish community from a historical as well as a present-day perspective, and they try to discuss questions and issues that could be relevant for each and every member of the community. Among other things, the videos discuss the coexistence of the different religious movements, the diversity of the Jewish identities, the infrastructure of the community, or the Jewish values. Apart from being informative and attempting to put some important questions into new light, the short lectures formulate value based messages that could become the starting points of a collective community vision. This vision focuses on a more inclusive, more diverse community, which is also open to a difference of opinion as well as cooperation.

The goal of the creators, Mozaik Hub, Balint JCC, Lauder Javne School, and Haver Foundation, is to generate a dialogue within the community about the topics and questions raised. Moreover, we also hope that the videos will become reference points outside the community as well among those who are interested in getting to know the Hungarian Jewry and the Jewish community from a present-day standpoint.

The videos can be found on the educational project’s website, and on YouTube.


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